Gourmet Frankfurters, 6 pk case

Natural Casing

Hardwood Smoked
Fully Cooked
Poultry Free
Gluten Free
Never Frozen

Sold online in a 6 pack case.
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Product Number: S2410

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Product Info

Weight 12.8 oz
Dimensions 1.2 × 7.5 × 7.5 in (DxWxH)


Pork, water, beef, potato starch, salt, *natural flavoring, dextrose, sodium citrate, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

*Natural flavoring: includes ground mustard, spice extractives (black pepper, clove, coriander, garlic, nutmeg, paprika, red pepper).

Nutrition Facts

Gourmet Frankfurters, 6 pk case Nutrition Facts

4 reviews for Gourmet Frankfurters, 6 pk case

  1. Michael

    Not worth the cost. Honestly, I compared with several store brands, and I much preferred most of those.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Our frankfurters are on the pricier side when compared to some, but they do not include any poultry filler, making our franks more premium and authentic in texture and flavor. Perhaps our franks aren’t for you, and that’s fine. We stand by our meat, but respect your opinion and value your feedback.

  2. Nicole P

    We tried your frankfurters last summer and have been loyal customers with purchasing your products since. They are delicious and well worth a little more money!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks, Nicole! We’re grateful for your support and proud to make flavorful meats that you continue to enjoy!

  3. Gary

    Regardless of the price, these are some of the best packaged frankfurters we have ever had. Great taste and flavor that is consistent whether you cook these in water or on the grill. Love the casing which has that nice snap when you take that first bite.

  4. Erik Monsen

    They are great! My wife is German and these are the closest to German Bockwurst that we have found anywhere in America.

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