Ham Shank

Hickory Smoked

Natural Juice
Fully Cooked
Gluten free

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Product Number: 4042

Product Info

Weight 1.5 lb avg
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 3 in (DxWxH)


Pork, water, salt, contains less than 2% sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, brown sugar, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Nutrition Facts

Ham Shank Nutrition Facts

3 reviews for Ham Shank

  1. Monty

    To start I am not a ham person but the frick carver ham with glaze is the best ham I have ever had!!!! I only have 1 store that sells it and don’t always have but when they do I buy 3 every time. I’m about to get some bacon and try that I’m sure it’s as good as the ham and I’ll write a review as soon as I do. I wish I could order the ham online but only bacon is available.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Hi Monty,

      Great to hear you love our cinnamon carver ham! Around Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we do sell our cinnamon carver hams with the glaze packets online, and actually have some still available now from Easter. You can find them when scrolling through our boneless ham page: frickmeats.com/product-category/boneless-ham/. However, we’d recommend buying them from your local store when you can; it will save you on shipping.

  2. Jim Hammond

    This shank ham is the best I’ve ever had. Must have for every occasion. Will do for all hollidays. The other great part it is a local ham company. I’m in St Charles Missouri and am so glad I found these at schnucks.

  3. P.L.

    A truly tasty ham shank with plenty of meat.

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