Bone-In Ham, Whole

Hickory Smoked

9g Protein per serving
Natural Juice
Fully cooked
Gluten Free
Hardwood Smoked
Never Frozen

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Product Number: S5020

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Product Info

Our bone-in ham is made with natural juices, cured with real cane sugar and cooked slowly for 12 hours. It is fresh, never frozen, and smoked using real hickory hardwood chips for great flavor and a higher quality eating experience. One of our handsome whole hams can serve up to 40 people, making it the right choice for family reunions and other big get-togethers.

Made in a facility free of Wheat, Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Milk, Tree Nuts, Soybeans, Sesame

Weight 18.75 lb. avg (16 lb. minimum)
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 7.75 in (DxWxH)


Pork, water, salt, contains less than 2% of sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, brown sugar, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Nutrition Facts

Bone-In Ham, Whole Nutrition Facts

19 reviews for Bone-In Ham, Whole

  1. Alan king

    We had this ham for Thanksgiving yesterday and I have to say it was the best ham we have ever had. My wife even said it was better than honey ham which she loved until she had this one. We will be adding this to our holidays from now on

  2. Tim McCarver

    Two years running I have purchased our Thanksgiving ham from Frick”s Meats.
    On behalf of all my family and guests I would like to say thank you for the best ham in the USA.
    To all who work for Frick’s Meats, salute.

    Tim McCarver
    Wyndmoor, Pa.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      We salute you too, Tim! Thank you for two years of enjoying our meats!

  3. Donna

    I have purchased 4 or 5 of these hams now and they are, by far, the best ham I’ve ever had. Always juicy and a great smoke to them. Thanks for such a great product!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Your welcome, Donna! Thank you for the glowing remarks!

  4. Ambia Cail

    We’ve had Frick’s bone-in ham every thanksgiving for around 30 years. It’s hard to explain to everyone how good it is–no other ham compares. Stories are told for years by visitors about the ham at our house! I will be purchasing Frick’s for the rest of my life!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      That’s awesome, Ambia! So great to hear! We’re glad we have continued to satisfy you and your guests with rich, flavorful hams.

  5. P.S.Seboldt-Reilly

    Is 5 stars enough? I’m a bona fide ham snob, because I grew up on hog farm with a big smokehouse. I’ve spent years (and a chunk of change) looking for the flavor and meatiness that I remember. Finally found it when I got hold of one of these bad boys last year. Tell the artisans, “You make memories live!” Thanks

    • Frick’s Quality Meats (Verified Buyer)

      Thank you! We’re thrilled (but not surprised) that our ham lived up to your high standards – standards you have because you know how a ham should taste. We don’t believe there are shortcuts when it comes to making great meat, and pride ourselves on delivering authentic, smokehouse flavor.


    I started buying your boneless ham last year and absolutely fell in love with this product. Everyone who ate this ham thought it was the best tasting ham they had ever eaten. This year I purchased the whole ham and OMG was it ever the best. I put the ham on my smoker and put a maple brown sugar glaze on it!! My husband begged me not to share the ham with anyone, he loved it that much. I am never ever buying any other brand of ham!! Thank you for providing me with such a superior product!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      You’re welcome, Gabriele! We’re glad you enjoy our ham! Sounds like you might be needing two next year: one for your husband, and one for everyone else. Can’t say we blame him; our ham with a maple brown sugar glaze…just thinking about such a great pairing is enough to make a mouth water!

  7. Steve Larson

    I’ve been buying fricks hams for over 20 years now and have to say your hams are the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had fanestil, and cooks brand and they don’t even come close. Usually buy 4 to 8 a year! Keep up the good work. I am a forever in my lifetime, buyer of your products.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thank you very much, Steve! We can’t help but appreciate 20+ years of dedication to our brand. We’ll continue to use our time honored recipes and methods to make superior tasting hams, so that you can keep enjoying multiple Frick’s hams a year for many more years.

  8. JR Simmering

    Kindly allow me to make this real simple…my wife’s mother turned me on to these hams a couple of years ago. As a 40 year old man, I’ve been cooking, grilling, using a smoker, etc since I was 15 years old. The last thing I needed was any advice on what to buy and how to cook it. Boy was I wrong! I rightfully stand corrected!! Just cooked a 22 pounder yesterday as our first for 2018.

    Phenomenal!!! Hands down no other way to go!! Look forward to another one on Easter!!! THANK YOU FRICK’S!!!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Glad we could impress a fellow meat maker! Mother-in-laws, gotta love ’em.

  9. RON SAROS (Verified Buyer)

    Reminds me of the old fashion ham, flavorful not injected with excess water to keep moist, well worth the cost. Our guest all loved it. We have one store locally that carries the bone in ham and I let every body know how great they are. Keep up the good work.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks for sharing the good word about our ham. We’re glad you enjoy it!

  10. Kevin

    Last year, I ordered a fresh bone-in ham from a butcher for Thanksgiving and got a Frick’s. It was outstanding and the best ham I can remember ever having. I did the same thing this year for Thanksgiving and I plan on continuing doing that from now on. In fact, my family asked about where I got it because it was so good. It sounds cliche but it not, its is the the only bone-in ham I would order and pay that much for, its worth it.

  11. Twila H Williams

    I am so impressed with your bone-in ham… I had not seen or heard the name FRICK’S before now. I bought the bone-in whole smoked ham from a local grocery store before Thanksgiving. I didn’t cook it for Thanksgiving because other family members had already bought a ham. So, I put it in my freezer to cook later for my office on December 10th. I followed the cooking directions, but I wrapped the ham in foil, not the pan. My co-workers are still praising that ham. I will be buying your ham and other products from now on. I liked your ham because it’s wasn’t salty and it was still juicy after cooking for 4 hours. The smell and flavor reminded me of growing up on my family farm. Thanks for producing a great product.

  12. Stephanie

    I brought 2 of your whole bone in hams over the Christmas Holidays and this was the very best ham I ever had. Everybody raved how good this ham was. The taste was oh sooo good I was amazed. I had never heard of Fricks before, but this is the only ham I want to buy in the future. I went back to my local HEB and they didn’t have anymore. please send more back to the 77340 Huntsville Tx area.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      We’re glad you and your family loved our ham! Unfortunately, our whole bone-in ham is currently a holiday only item for HEB, so they’ll only get it in around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. However, HEB should receive our bone-in portions year round.

  13. Rick Williams (Po White)rick.willi

    We just had the ham steaks for the first time. I could bi the way the knife went through the first bite it was special. I savored each bite and drooled for the next. The only thing wrong is it wasn’t bigger. I’ll never buy a different ham steak again. Thank you for not compromising. You have true bragging rights!

  14. Lake Grannie

    Frick’s bone-in hams are the ONLY hams. I buy. We have them on every holiday and whenever our family gets together. Frick’s hams are always perfect. I have even told my kids (adults) that they have to make sure the ham served at my funeral must be Frick’s. They laughed but they know that I’m serious. Thanks for making such a consistently great product.

  15. Kathleen

    I purchased a half ham for Thanksgiving last year from HEB and we absolutely loved it! It was exactly like the hams my grandmother would make. I’ve been looking for that flavor for 30 years and finally found it. When I went to buy a whole ham for Christmas, HEB didn’t have any. Is there any way other than calling all HEB stores within a 50 mile radius to find out which one has the whole hams and when they’ll be delivered? If I could find out, I’ll be waiting for the store to open, this ham is just that good!!!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats (Verified Buyer)

      Hi Kathleen,

      It’s great to hear you loved our ham, but we’re sorry you’ve struggled to find our whole bone-in! We don’t have access to store level information with HEB, so unfortunately we don’t know which of their stores stock the ham. However, we can confirm that HEB’s distribution center started receiving our whole hams in October this year. Our best suggestion is to let the meat manager at your local HEB know that you are interested in the ham. They may be able to get the ham in for you or let you know when they expect to have it on the shelves. If that store does not have and won’t be getting our whole ham, perhaps the meat manager could find out if another nearby HEB store does.

      If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at

  16. Brad Schiska

    Thanks for the awesome hams. we cooked six last year for our employees at our southard plant of 240 and three turkeys . all of the ham was gone before the turkey . So this year we cooked NINE bone in hams and aging it was consumed. It’s the best hams we have ever had and the employees look forward to the feast. Thanks aging for the awesome product. You need more stars to select from!!!!!!!

  17. Bob Biarnesen

    Purchased my very first Frick’s Ham from WINCO Foods in Glendale, Arizona. That is without a doubt the BEST we have ever had. I am Hosting a Christmas Party the second Saturday in December – Number count should exceed 160 guests. Bet you can’t guess where I will be purchasing the Ham Portion of the meal. You guys are to Ham what Arizona is to Sonoran Mexican Food – THE VERY BEST ! If I ever make a Business trip to Missouri, trust me, I will stop by for a Ham Sandwich ! Best Regards to you and your Employees.

  18. Jeff Lutke

    I have been preparing family dinners for Christmas and Easter for 40 years. Three years ago the butcher at HEB recommended your 20 lb Bone-In smoked ham. This is the best, most flavorful ham my family has ever experienced. I am so sorry I did not discover your great hams years earlier. We normally purchase 3 to 4 hams a year. Congratulations for your success in providing this wonderful product for all of us to enjoy.

  19. Mike Leatherland

    Absolutely amazing! We received this whole bone-in ham for Christmas. Bypassing the standard instructions and played it directly on the Traeger at 325 and it turned out extremely juicy and carries so much flavor and is unmatched by any other ham on the market. Cook time for this large cut of meat was around 5 hours.

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