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Bone-In Ham, Half

Hickory Smoked

(31 customer reviews)

  • 9g Protein per serving
  • Made with Real Cane Sugar
  • Fresh; Never Frozen
  • Made with Natural Juices
  • Fully Cooked
  • Gluten Free
  • Hardwood Smoked

Product Details

Made in a facility free of Wheat, Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Milk, Tree Nuts, Soybeans, and Sesame.

Weight 8.75 lb avg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 6 in (DxWxH)

Ingredients & Nutrition

Pork, water, salt, contains less than 2% of sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, brown sugar, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Product Number: 5026
Preparation Instructions

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 325°F.

Step 2

Remove all packaging from ham, including the bone cap and soaking pad or netting, and place in a deep baking pan.

Step 3

Add package drippings and 1/2 cup water in the pan, then cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil to retain moisture.

Step 4

Bake for 15-20 minutes per pound or until heated through.

Step 5

Remove ham from oven. Let stand loosely covered with aluminum foil for 10 minutes before slicing to serve.

Carving a Butt Half Ham
Product Reviews Honest Feedback

31 reviews for Bone-In Ham, Half

  1. Michael Maldonado

    Tender and GREAT smokey flavor! This now will be my go to ham every time!

  2. John Burns

    The only brand I buy……………it’s that simple. Don’t even with bother anything else.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks John! We appreciate the loyalty! We’ll keep making great meat if you keep enjoying it.

  3. Alan Raffaele

    Simply the best ham we have ever eaten. Hoping we can locate stores that carry them in FL while we are here.

  4. Happy Camper

    Thank you for the best Ham we have ever eaten for the Holidays! Never tasted this great! My husband knew it was good as soon as he opened the package.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Sounds like your husband has an eye for great meat! We’re glad our ham had such a positive impact at your holiday meal.

  5. Cindy Pennington

    We were lucky enough to choose a Frick’s half ham (bone-in butt) for Christmas Eve dinner this year. This brand was new to us, but what a great surprise — truly ‘ham what am,’ with a wonderful smoky flavor. The leftovers are being used to make delicious sandwiches this week, and bean soup is planned for whatever’s left on the bone. Thanks for a great product!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks for giving Frick’s a try, Cindy! We’re happy our ham has contributed great taste to multiple of your meals this holiday season.

  6. Georgia Fritsche

    First time buyer – greatest smoked flavored ham – does not need to be cooked – good to the last bite – bone went into the bean pot! Hope to see more often in the HEB stores in Texas.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks, Georgia! We’re glad your first experience with our product was a great one!

  7. Tiffany

    Best ham ever. Our local HEB began carrying it recently (I guess I can’t to swear to that—-may have been carrying it longer but I’ve only recently NOTICED it there) and I wasn’t going to bother with it because it was so inexpensive compared to the other hams and I figured cheap price, cheap taste.

    Thank goodness I decided to ask the meat department lady the difference taste and texture-wise between a shank and a butt portion because she led me over to the case, learned me about cuts of hams and recommended Frick’s.

    It’s the only ham I’ll buy now and I’ve told a lot of people about how good it is. It’s insane to me that it’s so much better than all the others but way more reasonably priced. Great job!

  8. Arthur Dent

    Also a first time buyer. This was one of the finest hams I have ever enjoyed. Great product! Well done!

  9. Terry Chang

    Amazing ham!!!! First time buyers for our family Easter dinner. Wonderful flavor, and we used the bone for some fantastic split pea soup! I don’t rave about products often, but this is the only ham we’ll get from now on! There is no comparison! Thank you for this great ham!!

  10. Jo Kuzminski

    Bought your ham as it was priced for a retiree’s budget and I do not buy food owned by a Chinese company [unknown safety ]. I am happy to find your company with such a strong history and middle America location. I will be buying your large ham for Christmas dinner . Thank-you for your quality and pricing!

  11. Clif

    Best ham I have ever tasted and its made in the USA. If you live in Texas and have a HEB in your town you
    owe to your self to try a Fricks bone in ham. You won’t regret it.

  12. David Smigiel

    Purchased a butt portion from HEB in Houston on Friday and served it for a large family gathering on Saturday. Absolutely delicious! The presentation and taste were incredible. Will definitely look for more Frick’s products in the future.

  13. Jim Pomerenke

    Purchased for our Christmas meal at the local HyVee grocery store your Fricks ham was by far the best tasting ham we have had the pleasure to eat…Thanks!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      That’s great, Jim! We’re glad we could help make your Christmas meal all the more flavorful!

  14. Lorrie Lane

    HEB in Lytle TX started caring the Fricks brand and gave samples that little sample sold me the best ham I have had since I was a child and we butchered our own hogs. Great taste on the flat Carver ham. I bought a bone in shank it states fully cooked but it has been in the freezer for 7 months I dont know if it will still be good?

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Hi Lorrie,

      Happy to hear the samples won you over! We’re glad you enjoy our ham! Unfortunately, our products can only be frozen for up to 6 months, so we can’t recommend consuming a ham that has been frozen for longer.

      For best quality, we always recommend keeping our ham products refrigerated in their original packaging material vs. freezing them, until approaching the USE/FRZ by date. Freezing will cause moisture loss and freezer burn leading to a less desirable product.

  15. Linda C

    Bought this butt for Easter. Made it tonight and it was so delicious!! Tasty and tender. Never saw the Frick’s brand before but the price was right and I thought I would give it a try. So glad I did. My go to ham from now on.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks for giving our ham a try! We’re glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Paula Garza

    This will be my first time. Yes, I’m a mom, but on this Mother’s Day I will cook this. Saw it at HEB and thought, hmmm have for Sunday. So here I go. I will add pineapple and brown sugar, hope it comes out.

  17. Courtney R Wood

    This is the only ham we ever buy! It is so delicious and juicy every time! Modestly priced for a working family, thank you Fricks for all of your hard work!

  18. Laura Swanson

    I love your ham. And so do my kids. They never liked ham before. Now they ask for it. Thanks for make a delicious product and keeping it affordable for a single mom

  19. John & Michelle Zappulla

    We were going to Mom’s for Thanksgiving but Nebraska was hit with a snow storm and those plans got cast to the wind. I ran to the grocery store and the only bone in ham left was Frick’s and it came home with me. It was a blessing in disguise as we never tried your brand. WOW. It is the best ham I’ve ever eaten in 65 years. The flavor is incredible, the meat tender and juicy, every slice was delicious. We nicknamed it “Hambrosia”. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product and a new must-have every major Holiday and in between as well.

  20. Jim Ensinia

    Let me say – I have smoked many hams over the years – when I was out buying hams for my clients last year for Thanksgiving, the Market Manager at our local HEB taught me all about Frick’s – I used to be a Smithfield guy. I tried it and let me say – THE BEST ham I have ever had!! The flavor is OUT OF THIS WORLD! My customers LOVE them!! I will only buy Frick’s from now on – more happy clients this year! Waxahachie, TX

  21. Kimberley Schmid

    I’ve bought a Frick’s bone-in ham for Christmas Eve dinner tonight and I’m so excited, especially since I’ve read the reviews posted above. I was blown away by the price and can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ll let you all know 🙂

  22. Jackie Gammel

    It was the best, most tender ham I have ever bought. It was on sale with another brand and I had already heard from my Hungarian friend that the Fricks was the best SHE had ever had too. GREAT

  23. Cynthia Ringler

    Thank you for making such a wonderful ham! It was the best one that I have ever had! The flavor is outstanding! I got my first one for this year’s Christmas dinner and I will be getting them from now on. I love your hams and will tell everyone how delicious they are. Keep up the good work!

  24. Eric

    I was gifted one of these hands for Christmas and was skeptical, but all of that changed when I took the first bite. I haven’t had ham this good since I was a little kid and my great-uncle used to butcher his own hams and prepare them in his smokehouse. Wow. This is the best packaged ham I’ve ever eaten and hope that I’ll be able to find it again here in Arkansas.

  25. Janette

    Bought a bone in half ham at my local grocery store, cooked it up last night for supper. It was truly amazing! Smoke flavoring all the way through and the meat was tender and juicy and not gritty like several of the hams I’ve had from other brands. This will be my go to ham from now on, in fact the store has them on sale this week so I will probably buy another and freeze it.

  26. Deborah

    First time buyer best HAM I have had in years. Bought at HEB League City TX. I Love your ham!!!

  27. Brian Davis

    The first time we tried this ham was a Christmas dinner at my sisters house 5 years ago. On the first bite i was freaking out on how delicious it was and demanded to know her secret to great ham. She informed me she did nothing but add a half cup of waster and warmed it up. Its the only ham we buy now. Also the Frick’s braunschweiger is the best ever.

  28. Diana & Lonnie

    We go out of our way to buy only Frick’s hams here in the St. Louis area. It is by far the best ham and when we serve it at our gatherings, folks want to know the brand of ham and make comments that it is the best ham they have ever had. We could not agree more.

  29. nicholas polevoy

    I bought this at Winco Foods in Salt Lake City for Easter. Delicious! I cannot remember a ham ever tasting this good, so much so that I felt compelled to go to your site to learn more and write a review. I got a butt portion and it will be my choice of ham every time I purchase one. I just hope they continue to carry them.

  30. Jody Tedesco

    Fricks hams are by far the finest I’ve ever found. Includes Smithfield Virginias, Cure 81, etc. Only problem is availability – they show up periodically at our stores in central Minnesota and although I’ll buy 3 or 4 at a time there are still monthly gaps when the choice is to go with a lesser product at a higher price..

  31. Cynthia Webb

    The best ham I have ever eaten! I did not have to add anything – all I did was to heat in a crock pot. The flavor is the best. Tender and jucy. I will only buy Frick’s ham from now on.

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