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Braunschweiger, 4 pk case

Traditional Recipe

(18 customer reviews)


Ships Free
  • Fully Cooked
  • Poultry Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Never Frozen

Sold online in a 4 pack case.
Ships free (not a separate fee).

Product Details

Our braunschweiger is made with a traditional recipe. It’s poultry free, giving it a creamier texture and authentic flavor. This liver sausage is also gluten free, fully cooked and proudly made in the USA. Enjoy it on sandwiches and crackers, or fry it up for a whole new experience.


Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 7 × 2.5 in (DxWxH)

Ingredients & Nutrition

Pork liver, pork, water, potato starch, salt, contains less than 2% of dextrose, ground mustard, sodium citrate, onion powder, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, natural flavoring, sodium nitrite.

Product Number: S2180

Availability: In Stock

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18 reviews for Braunschweiger, 4 pk case

  1. Carol Rogowski

    Delicious! I am part Bohemian and my mom and grandmother used to make all the foods from the old country, head cheese, liver ball soup, blood soup. They were amazing cooks and this is right up there with them!

  2. Arthur T.

    Love the texture and flavor until recently I had a hard time finding it I’m glad that’s not the case now

  3. Tina Seidel

    Reminds me of German braunschweiger!! So good!!! I used to buy Oscar Meyers, but they changed the recipe, now you can’t find it. I’ve tried others, they ended up being doggie treats.
    My poor pups are out of luck! I will continue to buy this brand. The taste is wonderful and very speakable! I eat it on Kiaser rolls and toast. Yum yummy!! Try it you will love it, especially if you ate it in Germany!!

  4. John

    Growing up with a German mother i ate Braunschweiger or liverwurst pretty often and this stuff here is by far the best i have had compared to other brands. I did buy any for the longest time until i saw the fricks in my local heb here in Texas. I have bought a roll almost every trip to the store now, my family of 5 all love it where as the kids would not even eat the other brands! Good Job and thank you!!!

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