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Braunschweiger, 4 pk case

Traditional Recipe

(14 customer reviews)


  • Fully Cooked
  • Poultry Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Never Frozen

Sold online in a 4 pack case.
Ships free (not a separate fee).

Product Details

Our braunschweiger is made with a traditional recipe. It’s poultry free, giving it a creamier texture and authentic flavor. This liver sausage is also gluten free, fully cooked and proudly made in the USA. Enjoy it on sandwiches and crackers, or fry it up for a whole new experience.

Made in a facility free of Wheat, Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Milk, Tree Nuts, Soybeans, and Sesame.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 7 × 2.5 in (DxWxH)

Ingredients & Nutrition

Pork liver, pork, water, potato starch, salt, contains less than 2% of dextrose, ground mustard, sodium citrate, onion powder, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, natural flavoring, sodium nitrite.

Product Number: S2180

Availability: In Stock

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14 reviews for Braunschweiger, 4 pk case

  1. Kevin Boaz

    I tried some yesterday for the first time, had very nice texture and taste

  2. Carol Chernick

    We were seriously impressed with you Braunschweiger! The texture is great and it is PERFECTLY seasoned!

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Thanks, Carol! We don’t use poultry filler in our braunschweiger so we can keep the integrity of flavor and texture, giving you an authentic braunschweiger which we’re glad you enjoyed!

  3. Jim (Verified Buyer)

    Coming from Scotland finding what I would call Continental Liver Sausage if such high quality and great taste is fantastic. Just like this company. The taste is even better than the Halls brand I remember from my childhood.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Great to hear, Jim! Glad we can honor the traditional flavor you’re used to.

  4. Paul Stern

    Thank you for maintaining the tradition. A fine example of Braunschweiger.

  5. Chad Peters

    Hands down thee BEST in the Midwest!!! This is the Single Malt of Braunschweiger.

  6. meritt bergene

    We tried your braunsweiger and we just love it !!! Got it at Hy-Vee but cant find it at Fare-Way foods in Owatonna,mn. Its the best !!! 5 star rating !!!

  7. Carol

    Best tasting braunsweiger anywhere. Why can I no longer find it in stores here? I’m in Northern CA. Used to be in Walmart. Anyway I will order some even though the price is so high online. Just wish it was sold locally. It’s delicious.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Glad you enjoy it! We’re sorry Walmart is no longer taking the product, and that no other stores near you offer it either. We also wish we didn’t have to charge as much for our braunschweiger online, but the bulk of that cost is for shipping and for the cooler boxes we have to ship it in, so we tried to make it a better deal by filling out each box with four packages. We want you to be able to enjoy the meat you love despite it not being available in local stores.

  8. Bill G

    We bought the plastic wrapped sleeve of your Braunschweiger at Lowe’s Foods and it was delicious. We spread it on crackers or slice it up for a nice sandwich on white bread. Question…..Once we open the plastic sleeve I place the unused portion in a baggy. How long will it keep before we have to toss it out? Thanks.

    • Frick’s Quality Meats

      Glad you enjoyed it! Once opened, the braunschweiger should be consumed in 5 days.

  9. Katherine McCullough

    Wow! Great Braunschweiger! Our family is from with Polish and German immigrant grandparents. We grew up on braunschweiger. Just found Frick’s braunscheiger at HEB grocery store in Dripping Springs, Texas. Truly tastes authentic and is absolutely delicious! Will be buying again. Thank you Fricks!

  10. Randy Huskins

    Awesome!!! Found this at HEB in Waxahachie Texas. Had it with some crackers & cheese and a Shiner beer. Absolutely the best!

  11. Pam Melcher

    Tried for the first time today, delicious !!!

  12. Joseph B Osthoff

    Found your Braunschweiger at Dale’s Food Mkt in David City NE. Tried it and love it. Best tasting liver sausage I’ve had in a long time. I plan to a regular customer from now on.

  13. Margaret B

    I’m the only one in my family who likes Braunschweiger, so I rarely buy it, as it’s difficult to finish a whole tube by myself. HOWEVER, I was standing in line at the butcher counter at my FAREWAY store in Omaha, Nebraska (It’s a popular line, as their meat and service are amazing)- and as I waited, I surveyed the lunch meats in the near-by case. There was Frick’s Braunschweiger – a brand I’d never tried. I was hungry for braunschweiger, so bought it. Well, I’ll be looking for it again as this was the BEST braunschweiger I have every tasted! There will be no trouble finishing this package! I will only buy this brand from now on. I only wish I’d found it sooner.

  14. James M Burley

    I will never buy your product again,I bought your Liverwurst just to try it.while it was close to the same price as my usual brand,it pales in comparison with taste.

    • onlinestore@frickmeats.com (Verified Buyer)

      We’re sorry to hear our braunschweiger wasn’t to your liking, but we acknowledge not everyone has the same flavor preferences. Although we of course strive to make enjoyable, flavorful products, we can understand our braunschweiger wasn’t right for you.

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