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What’s the Difference Between Bone-in Hams & Boneless Hams?

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There’s a ham for every occasion, even if that occasion is just tonight’s dinner. But when it comes to satisfying appetites and putting smiles on faces, all hams are not created equal. We’re pleased to draw on more than a century in the meat business to offer a little inside info on what to look for when you hit the grocery store in search of the perfect ham.

What’s the Difference Between Bone-in Hams & Boneless Hams?

As you might’ve guessed, the biggest difference is the bone. A bone-in ham makes for a great visual presentation on the table, and is perfect for carving. And it’s not just there for show — a ham bone is an excellent starter for flavorful soups and stocks. Boneless hams are easier to carve, and better suited for sandwiches. There’s no real difference in flavor or texture. Every Frick’s ham is cured with pure cane sugar and slowly smoked over real American hardwoods, and many of our boneless hams are cured with natural juices and 97% fat free.

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