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What Flavor Does Hardwood Smoking Add to Ham?

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There’s a ham for every occasion, even if that occasion is just tonight’s dinner. But when it comes to satisfying appetites and putting smiles on faces, all hams are not created equal. We’re pleased to draw on more than a century in the meat business to offer a little inside info on what to look for when you hit the grocery store in search of the perfect ham.

What Flavor Does Hardwood Smoking Add to Ham?

Different hardwoods add different flavors to ham. Here’s a quick guide to the hardwoods we use:


A mild and subtly sweet flavor that will definitely remind you of the fruit.


More mellow and mild than hickory for a smooth, smoky flavor.


Like apple, a sweet, mild and fruity smoke flavor.


The granddaddy of all smoking hardwoods. A sweet, strong flavor and aroma that will probably remind you of bacon. Which is always a good thing.


A stronger flavor and aroma than fruitwoods like apple and cherry, but with a more subtle character than hickory.

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