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When you choose Frick’s, you’re getting only the finest handpicked cuts of meat, cured with real cane sugar and slow-roasted in small batches over American hardwood to lock in that sweet, smoky goodness. That’s serious flavor in every single bite. And for five generations and counting, we’ve staked our name on it.

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I just cant imagine Thanksgiving without a Frick s ham. They just have the best ham you can get anywhere at any price. Please do yourself and loved ones a favor and try one, you will be glad you did. Some how they know how to produce the most flavorful ham. I rarely recommend any product but this I do recommend knowing you will be pleased with it and they even have videos showing the proper way to carve the ham.

Thomas T.
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I’m extremely picky about ham. After being disappointed several years in a row with our Easter ham we tried Frick’s Carver. Wow! Amazing! The texture was fantastic not the rubbery texture you sometimes get with grocery store hams. The smoke was perfect, not to over powering but just great flavor. The absolute biggest surprise it was NOT salty at all! Great ham that needs no dressing up to serve to company, cook according to the package you will not be disappointed.

Sarah A.
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We’ve had Frick’s bone-in ham every thanksgiving for around 30 years. It’s hard to explain to everyone how good it is–no other ham compares. Stories are told for years by visitors about the ham at our house! I will be purchasing Frick’s for the rest of my life!

Ambia C.
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The first time we tried this ham was a Christmas dinner at my sister’s house. On the first bite I was freaking out on how delicious it was and demanded to know her secret to great ham. She informed me she did nothing but add a half cup of water and warmed it up. It’s the only ham we buy now. Also the Frick’s braunschweiger is the best ever.

Brian D.
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We go out of our way to buy only Frick’s hams here in the St. Louis area. It is by far the best ham and when we serve it at our gatherings, folks want to know the brand of ham and make comments that it is the best ham they have ever had. We could not agree more.

Diana & Lonnie
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Bought a bone in half ham at my local grocery store, cooked it up last night for supper. It was truly amazing! Smoke flavoring all the way through and the meat was tender and juicy and not gritty like several of the hams I’ve had from other brands. This will be my go to ham from now on.

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